Army AIT 2024 | Advanced Individual Training (2024)

Army AIT 2024 | Advanced Individual Training (1)

Congratulations on graduating from Basic Training!

Now, let’s talk about what comes next: Army AIT (Advanced Individual Training)

Army AIT (Advanced Individual Training) is the next stage of training in the US Army after Basic Combat Training.

At AIT (Advanced Individual Training), soldiers will receive training specific to their chosen MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)

Depending on your choice, this can be a very short MOS or a very long MOS. But it’s not college, and it’s not high school, either.

I will cover a few things you can expect and what you need to prepare for before you get to Army AIT.

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Army AIT Locations List 2024

After Basic Combat Training (BCT), Army recruits attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at different schools/locations that are specific to their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

Below is a list of Army AIT Locations across the country:

AIT School LocationKnown Training Areas
Fort Benning, GeorgiaInfantry, Armor training
Fort Gordon, GeorgiaSignal Corps, Cyber Corps training
Fort Lee, VirginiaQuartermaster, Ordnance, Transportation Corps training
Fort Leonard Wood, MissouriEngineer, Chemical, Military Police Corps training
Fort Sill, OklahomaField Artillery, Air Defense Artillery training
Fort Sam Houston, TexasMedical Training
Fort Huachuca, ArizonaMilitary Intelligence training
Fort Rucker, AlabamaAviation Training
Fort Eustis, VirginiaTransportation, Aviation Logistics training
Fort Bliss, TexasAir Defense Artillery Training
Fort Knox, KentuckyArmor, Cavalry Training
Fort Jackson, South CarolinaAdjutant General’s Corps, Financial Management, and Religious Affairs Training
Joint Base San Antonio (Fort Sam Houston), TexasMedical, Dental Corps Training
Fort Meade, MarylandPublic Affairs & Music training
Presidio of Monterey, CaliforniaDefense Language Institute for Linguist training
Redstone Arsenal, AlabamaOrdnance Munitions & Electronics Maintenance School training
Fort Belvoir, VirginiaEngineer, Military Intelligence, & Signal Corps training
Fort McCoy, WisconsinCivil Affairs and Psychological Operations training

AIT Phases

The first thing I’m going to cover isphases. In AIT, you’ll go through several phases: Phase IV (red), Phase V (white), and Phase V+ (blue). You will be in Phase IV (red) when you first arrive at AIT.

Phase IVRed PhaseApprox. 2 weeksIt’s the initial phase of AIT and entails close supervision, a few privileges, classroom instruction, and physical fitness training.
Phase VWhite PhaseApprox. 3 weeksWith more relaxed restrictions from Phase IV, soldiers have more privileges, which entails more MOS-specific training.
Phase V+Blue PhaseUntil the end of AIT,Soldiers have more freedoms & privileges. There are more expectations for soldiers to demonstrate knowledge from their MOS training.

Once you arrive at AIT, you’ll be in what’s called “Phase Four.” You’ll have a Phase Four badge, and eventually, after a few weeks and a phase-up process, you’ll get phased up to Phase Five.

And eventually, if you stay there long enough, hit a certain amount of time, and take on more challenges, you’ll be phased up to Phase V.

So all these phases are things you can do while you’re in AIT, and all of them come with privileges. So as you arrive at AIT, you’re in phase four.

As a Phase IV soldier, your freedoms will be limited. You cannot leave posts, go to the mall, or even wear your civilian clothes.

Can you have your phone?Yes.Could you have your laptop?Yeah, sure. But as a Phase Four soldier, you will have limitations.

As you move up to Phase Five, some of these restrictions will be relaxed, and you will be allowed to wear civilian clothes.

And no matter your battalion, you can go off the post as you move up to phase five plus. So, for example, if you are at Fort Meade, you can go to DC or Baltimore.

AIT School and MOS

The most important aspect of Army AIT is learning your MOS and graduating. No one cares about these phase matches. You came to AIT to graduate; that is your purpose.

Your goal is to graduate. You will be phased down if your academics don’t match or fall below a certain point.

Army AIT 2024 | Advanced Individual Training (2)

Army MOS AIT List – How Long is Advanced Individual Training?

Below is a list of the most common MOSs and their specific AIT length & location.

MOS CodeMOS DescriptionApproximate AIT LengthTypical AIT Location
11BInfantryman14 weeks (OSUT)Fort Benning, GA
19KM1 Armor Crewman/Armor Crewman15 weeks (OSUT)Fort Benning, GA
68WHealth Care Specialist/Combat Medic16 weeksFort Sam Houston, TX
25BInformation Technology Specialist20 weeksFort Gordon, GA
35FIntelligence Analyst13 weeksFort Huachuca, AZ
35PCryptologic Linguist52+ weeks (depends on language)Various depending on the unit
31BMilitary Police20 weeks (OSUT)Fort Leonard Wood, MO
92GCulinary Specialist9 weeksFort Lee, VA
15WUnmanned Aircraft Systems Operator23 weeksFort Huachuca, AZ
15TUH-60 Helicopter Repairer15 weeksVarious depending on the unit
42AHuman Resources Specialist9 weeksFort Jackson, SC
88MMotor Transport Operator7 weeksFort Leonard Wood, MO
92YUnit Supply Specialist8 weeksFort Lee, VA

Army AIT Schedule

The schedule at AIT will depend on your duty station. It’s all going to depend on what duty station you’re at.

Some AIT locations have flexible schedules that are not structured, and soldiers can be attending classes while others are doing PT. But some AITs are super structured in how they carry out their activities.

AIT Barracks Room

Now, onto thebarracks room.You will not have your own personal room.

Depending on your MOS, you will have a barracks room that can hold two to four soldiers.

Some AIT (Advanced Individual Training) locations have baths; some have a two- to four-person room.

Most of these rooms will have a shower, but some won’t. So all these things will vary with the location.

AIT and Dependents

If you come from basictraining and have dependents, such as a spouse or children, you may be eligible for a housing packet when you arrive at your AIT.

And when you phase up to phase five plus, you can move into a house with your family with that housing packet.

AIT Drill Sergeants

Drill sergeants. You didn’t leave them in basic training school. There are still drill sergeants in AIT.

AIT and orders

While in AIT and training for your MOS, you will be waiting on your assignment orders. Where will you be stationed? Could it be Fort Hood? Could it be Hawaii? Maybe? It could be Fort Polka.

As you wait in AIT, you’re waiting on your orders. It comes about 30 to 45 days before your projected graduation date. It could be shorter if you get a short MOS, or it could come in the last few weeks right before you leave.

AIT and Promotions

While at AIT, you may get automatic promotion from Private (PVT) toPrivate(PV2) in six months and fromPrivate(PV2) to Private First Class (PFC) in one year, but you can also get promotion waivers for PVT to PVC, PVC to PFC, and even PFC to Specialist. All these depend on the little things you do while at AIT.

These things can include taking on additional duties such as positions on platoon song, being a squad leader, excelling in PT, or being a distinguished honor graduate.

Some of these things that you don’t think matter might get you promoted earlier. So pay attention. Take on these additional duties and roles while you’re in AIT.

Schools and AIT

Besides your MOS training, Army AIT can offer other opportunities.

Airborne:If you didn’t sign your contract for Airborne and now want it, Airborne is a possibility in AIT. As long as you go and get the physicals done, you can get into airborne school.

Another addition to that is that when you go to airborne school, you can volunteer to go to RASP and get into the ranger selection program if that’s what you want. It doesn’t even have to be in your contract.

Another option is HRAP, or Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program. That program allows you to return to your recruiting station and help them recruit; this is after graduation from Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

Army AIT Conclusion

As I have outlined, there are many things you can do at AIT. Go into basic training with an ambitious mindset, and attac AIT with that mindset. You could be looking at promotion waivers, Airborne, or Ranger schools.

Army Advanced Individual Training Questions

So what is advanced individual training?

Advanced Individual Training, or your AIT, is the school you go to for your MOS to do your job and learn how to do that job.

How long does AIT take?

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) length varies with a soldier’s Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

What is the shorted AIT?

One of the shortest Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is for MOS 92G, Culinary Specialist; Its AIT is approximately 9 weeks at Fort Lee, VA.

What is the longest AIT?

One of the longest Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is for MOS 35P, Cryptologic Linguist; Its AIT is approximately 52 weeks at Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA.

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