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@inproceedings{LeBreton2004AtmosphericCA, title={Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics}, author={M Le Breton and A. Bacak and Jennifer B.A. Muller and S J O 'shea and P Xiao and Michael N. R. Ashfold and M C Cooke and R. Batt and Dudley E. Shallcross and David E. Oram and G Forster and J.-B Bauguitte and Paul I. Palmer and Mark Parrington and A. C. Lewis and J D Lee and Carl J. Percival}, year={2004}, url={}}
  • M. Le Breton, A. Bacak, C. Percival
  • Published 2004
  • Environmental Science

Researchers report on the AeroCom Phase II direct aerosol effect (DAE) experiment where 16 detailed global aerosol models have been used to simulate the changes in the aerosol distribution over the industrial era. All 16 models have estimated the radiative forcing of the anthropogenic DAE, and have taken into account anthropogenic sulphate, black carbon and organic aerosols from fossil fuel, biofuel, and biomass burning emissions.

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495 Citations

Reactive oxygen species induced by personal exposure to fine particulate matter emitted from solid fuel combustion in rural Guanzhong Basin, northwestern China
    Yaqi LiHongmei Xu Junji Cao

    Environmental Science

  • 2019

Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) released by the burning of domestic solid fuels is an important air pollutant in the rural indoor environment in China. Here, personal exposure to PM2.5-induced

  • 5
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Estimating PM2.5 Concentrations in Xi'an City Using a Generalized Additive Model with Multi-Source Monitoring Data
    Yong-Ze SongHong-lei YangJun-huan PengYii-Ren SongQian SunYuan Li

    Environmental Science

    PloS one

  • 2015

The results show that in Xi'an City, the traffic and other industrial emissions are the primary source of PM2.5.

The impacts of firework burning at the Chinese Spring Festival on air quality: insights of tracers, source evolution and aging processes
    Shaofei KongLi Li Y. Ji

    Environmental Science

  • 2014

Abstract. To understand the impact of firework-burning (FW) particles on air quality and human health during the winter haze period, 39 elements, 10 water-soluble ions and 8 fractions of carbonaceous

  • 142
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  • [PDF]
Different characteristics of char and soot in the atmosphere and their ratio as an indicator for source identification in Xi'an, China
    Yongming HanJunji CaoShun-cheng LeeK. HoZ. An

    Environmental Science

  • 2009

Abstract. Numerous definitions and analytical techniques for elemental (or black) carbon (EC) have been published in the scientific literature, but still no generally accepted interdisciplinary

  • 207
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  • [PDF]
Simulating the detailed chemical composition of secondary organic aerosol formed on a regional scale during the TORCH 2003 campaign in the southern UK
    David JohnsonS. UtembeMichael E. Jenkin

    Environmental Science, Chemistry

  • 2005

Following on from the companion study (Johnson et al., 2006), a photochemical trajectory model (PTM) has been used to simulate the chemical composition of organic aerosol for selected events during

  • 83
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Characteristics of Traffic-related Emissions: A Case Study in Roadside Ambient Air over Xi'an, China
    Zhenxing ShenYuemei Han Yuanqi Wang

    Environmental Science

  • 2010

Traffic-related emissions were measured at a heavy-traffic roadside in Xi’an at the end of April, 2008 to survey the exposure levels of freshly emitted carbon monoxide (CO), mass and chemical

Spatio-Temporal Variability of Aerosol Components, Their Optical and Microphysical Properties over North China during Winter Haze in 2012, as Derived from POLDER/PARASOL Satellite Observations
    Yang OuLei Li Zongren Peng

    Environmental Science

    Remote. Sens.

  • 2021

A state-of-the-art GRASP/Component approach was employed for attempting to characterize aerosol components in the NCP using POLDER/PARASOL satellite observations, and the results suggest a rapid increase in the fine mode aerosol volume concentration associated with a decrease of a scale height of aerosol down to 1500 m.

Wintertime carbonaceous aerosols over Dhauladhar region of North-Western Himalayas
    D. KaushalAjay KumarS. YadavAnkit TandonA. K. Attri

    Environmental Science

    Environmental Science and Pollution Research

  • 2018

A strong correlation between nssK+ and SOC over a high altitude urban location further suggested possible conversion of gaseous precursors to carbonaceous particles during coniferous wood burning and dominance of emissions from fossil fuel combustion sources over biomass burning sources in the region.

  • 33
  • Highly Influenced
Methanol Extracted Brown Carbon in PM2.5 Over Xi’an, China: Seasonal Variation of Optical Properties and Sources Identification
    Zhenxing ShenYali Lei Sui-xin Liu

    Environmental Science, Chemistry

    Aerosol Science and Engineering

  • 2017

Aerosol optical properties, including absorption coefficient (babs), absorption Ångström exponent (AAE), and mass absorption coefficient (MAC), of methanol extracts in PM2.5 samples were measured at

  • 38
  • Highly Influenced
Characteristics and Sources of Black Carbon in Atmospheric Dustfall Particles from Huangshi, China
    C. ZhanJiaquan Zhang Wen-sheng Xiao

    Environmental Science

  • 2016

Concentrations of carbonaceous particles in atmospheric dustfall particles in Huangshi, an industrial city in central China, were determined using a thermal-optical reflectance method. The black



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Modeled Arctic ozone depletion in winter 1997/1998 and comparison with previous winters
    M. GuirletM. ChipperfieldJ. PyleF. GoutailJ. PommereauE. Kyrö

    Environmental Science

  • 2000

We have used a three-dimensional stratospheric model to investigate Arctic ozone depletion in the three winters from 1995/1996 to 1997/1998, winters with quite different dynamical conditions. We have

  • 40
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  • PDF
Volatility measurements of photochemically and nebulizer-generated organic aerosol particles
    D. PaulsenE. WeingartnerM. Rami AlfarraU. Baltensperger

    Environmental Science, Chemistry

  • 2006
  • 44
Real-time measurement of oligomeric species in secondary organic aerosol with the aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometer.
    Deborah S. GrossM. Gälli U. Baltensperger

    Environmental Science, Chemistry

    Analytical chemistry

  • 2006

It is demonstrated that there are certain ions within the oligomer population that occur in nearly all of the particles and with relatively high signal intensity, suggesting that these ions have higher stability or that the species are formed preferentially.

  • 94
  • PDF
Design, Modeling, Optimization, and Experimental Tests of a Particle Beam Width Probe for the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
    J. A. HuffmanJ. Jayne Al Noaa

    Engineering, Physics

  • 2005

Aerodynamic lens inlets have revolutionized aerosol mass spectrometry by allowing the introduction of a very narrow particle beam into a vacuum chamber for subsequent analysis. The real-time

  • 216
  • PDF
Role of canopy‐scale photochemistry in modifying biogenic‐atmosphere exchange of reactive terpene species: Results from the CELTIC field study
    C. StroudP. Makar J. Fuentes

    Environmental Science

  • 2005

[1]A one-dimensional canopy model was used to quantify the impact of photochemistry in modifying biosphere-atmosphere exchange of trace gases. Canopy escape efficiencies, defined as the fraction of

  • 118
  • PDF
Size and composition measurements of background aerosol and new particle growth in a Finnish forest during QUEST 2 using an Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
    J. AllanM. Alfarra A. Laaksonen

    Environmental Science

  • 2005

The study of the growth of nucleation-mode parti- cles is important, as this prevents their loss through diffusion and allows them to reach sizes where they may become ef- fective cloud condensation

  • 145
  • PDF
Measurements of secondary organic aerosol from oxidation of cycloalkenes, terpenes, and m-xylene using an Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer.
    R. BahreiniM. Keywood J. Jimenez

    Environmental Science, Chemistry

  • 2005

It is demonstrated that mixtures of SOA compounds produced from similar precursors result in broadly similar AMS mass spectra, and fragmentation patterns observed for biogenic versus anthropogenic SOA may be useful in determining the sources of ambient SOA.

  • 297
  • PDF
The effect of ozone on the emission of carbonyls from leaves of adult fa*gus sylvatica
    C. CojocariuP. EscherK. HäberleR. MatyssekH. RennenbergJ. Kreuzwieser

    Environmental Science

  • 2005

Under the site conditions of a temperate forest, the exchange of short-chained oxygenated carbonyls (aldehydes, ketones) was assessed from leaves of adult European beech trees. The crowns of the

  • 58
  • PDF
Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde exchange during leaf development of the Amazonian deciduous tree species
    S. RottenbergerU. Kuhn J. Kesselmeier

    Environmental Science

  • 2005
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  • PDF
Three-Dimensional Model Study of the Antarctic Ozone Hole in 2002 and Comparison with 2000
    W. FengM. Chipperfield D. Y. Wang

    Environmental Science, Physics

  • 2005

Abstract An offline 3D chemical transport model (CTM) has been used to study the evolution of the Antarctic ozone hole during the sudden warming event of 2002 and to compare it with similar

  • 40
  • PDF



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