Ninja Woodfired Calzone! | Ninja Woodfire Grill Recipe! - Dining and Cooking (2024)

Ninja Woodfired Calzone! Today I’m going to show you the right way (and the wrong way…) to make calzones on you Ninja Woodfire Grill. You going to want to watch this one all the way to the end for sure!

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-Ready made pizza dough.
-Pizza sauce.
-Mozzarella cheese.
-Sausage and pepperoni.
-Black olives.
-Olive Oil.
-Butter and hot honey.

-Roll dough out to a rectangle.
-Spread pizza sauce on dough.
-Sprinkle, cheese, sausage and olives on dough.
-Fold the dough over the toppings and crimp the edges.
-Slice 3 little slits on top of the calzone.
-Preheat the WFG on bake mode, at 400F, pressing the Woodfire flavor button.
-Once the WFG has run through the IGN process, add the calzone to the grill or griddle plate.
-Shut the lid and bake for 12-15 min. Checking every few mins.
-Once fully baked, remove from the WFG and brush with the hot honey butter.
-Slice and enjoy!

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listen y’all there ain’t nothing better
than a good Woodfired calone and that’s
what we’re going to do today guys we’re
going to put a sausage of pepperoni
calone on that Woodfire Grill you ain’t
going to want to miss this one you’re
going to want to stick around all the
way to the end right in fact you’re
going to want a thumbs up probably want
to subscribe right you know do all that
good YouTube stuff all right let’s go a
and get this thing started now we are
cheating with the cowone dough that’s
right we got the
homemade pizza crust from my my uncle
pberry hey we kind of look alike we got
the belly see it’s like uncanny
resemblance we’re gonna use this bad boy
right here we’re gonna pop it open roll
it out get it on that wood fire okay I
got some sausage I got a little mini
pepperonis right a little sauce a little
Ms and I like black olives okay so I
know there are a lot of black olive
haters out there if you don’t want black
olives in your cow Zone don’t put black
olives in your galzone all right have
the level up at the end we’re going to
brush it with a little Mike’s hot honey
butter which is basically butter that
we’re going to microwave with a little
Mike’s hot honey in it brush it over the
top add a little sweet heat on the
top I can’t wait let’s go we’re going to
use bare Mountain pellets use whatever
food safe pellets you like but this what
we’re going to grab nothing too crazy
about it right let’s go fire it up let’s
go all right let’s turn this bad boy on
hello how you doing we have it on the
grill setting even though we’re using
the griddle plate I’m going to turn it
to medium going to do the time
let’s put 30 minutes on the clock it
won’t need that much time but I just
want to make sure we’re good the wood
fire flavor buttons on go ahead and hit
start all right time to get started with
this taking the pie stuff out of there
listen it never pops when you’re taking
that paper off just got to give it a
little helping hand right I got a little
cornmeal out on here just to help it so
it doesn’t stick I’m going to go ahead
and get my uh rolling pin out cuz I can
never stretch it good enough with my
listen guys it does not have to be
perfect just get it worked in let’s get
a little pizza sauce in there not a ton
just enough to get that flavor get our
sausage on put as little or as lot as
you like it’s up to you full of little
mini pepperonis my black
olives again if you don’t like it don’t
look at
it don’t add black olives if you don’t
want black olives last but not least
about a cup of cheese in
all right let’s try to fold this bad boy
up there is no try there’s only du CJ
all right then we’re going to roll it on
itself pinch press pinch press you just
want to seal it in so it doesn’t leak
out and I am not the best at this so you
know don’t at me in the
comments this is going to look horrible
am not a professional cow Zone
Maker I only play one on
TV all right it’s good as it’s going to
get let’s go get it on the
Woodfire it says it’s ready to add the
food so that’s what we’re going to do
first thing we do is go a little olive
oil on the bottom
just help kind of crisp up the bottom we
got our calzone here I have it on some
cornmeal but I still afraid it’s
sticking so we’re going to take this
nice and slow Give a Little Love we’re
sizzling a little bit that’s okay we’re
going to have that nice sizzling crust
turn this around for everybody to see
all right we already got a little
here it is what it is all right shut
this down I know this doesn’t look like
your traditional czone I did not do well
here I bet there’s going to be a blowout
or two but in the end it’ll taste just
fine hopefully all right let’s shut it
down we’re going to check on this in
about 2 3 4 minutes just keep an eye on
it okay all right guys we’re making a
little pivot on this one all right
listen I show you a lot of wins on my w
fire and you know this one is not quite
a win yet okay but we’re going to get
there all right it’s been a couple
minutes I decided to take a look at it
and with the griddle already so fired up
we’re getting a lot of Darkness on the
bottom not burnt yet but is definitely
getting that heavy duty golden brown you
got to scrap that idea of using the
griddle plate or the grill plate at
least using the grill setting okay what
we’re going to do differently we’ve
we’ve taken the calzone off turned off
the wood fire I’m going to turn it to
the bake setting use the Woodfire flavor
button so we’re getting that good
Woodfire flavor right but this way the
heat will be coming from the top listen
the Bottom’s already cooked really
basically you know we got that good
golden brown on the bottom but now it’s
time we you know get that top done right
so listen sometimes they out Winters
it’s the first cow Zone I put on this
thing so I should have thought about
about it a little bit more that’s okay
ining some prep Down Below on how to do
it the correct way without you know
using the the The Griddle setting okay
or the grill setting hey give me some
some props in the chat for admitting I
could have done the through the magic of
television and you would have known but
I’m telling you what I did here all
right let’s get this thing on the bake
mode all right come on back let’s turn
this bad boy on we’re going to do the
mode bake mode 400° time let’s just take
that down to 30 minutes even though it’s
it’s not going to take that long okay
all right bake wood fire flavor button
and let’s hit
start all right let it go through the
ignition process we’ll get the calzone
back on all right y’all let’s try this
again we’ll check on it you know I think
we’re going to check on it every minute
or so just to make sure I just checked
on it between the first go round and the
second go round we’re probably about 15
minutes which is about what it’s called
for on the the pizza dough package so
I’m I’m going to call this one before I
start putting butter on it let’s look at
the bottom so golden brown yep
definitely but not horrible right it’s
going to be nice and Crispy Crunchy
let’s go ahead and get this hot honey
on that I’m keeping this to dip a little
bit in get this off here and uh we’ll
chop into it oh one thing I forgot to
mention is I cut three slits in the top
here just use the sharp knife right let
let it uh let that steam out so let’s
chop into
it all right there’s our inside looking
nice all let’s take a bite look at that
guys what do you know about that oh my
gosh Do’s cooked all the way through
even in those thick crimping spots I did
guys it’s time to take a bite what do
you say cheers
y’all oh yeah but
well got to use the apron today and
bring a towel out with
me besides all those good feelings in
there I mean it’s Pizza feelings you got
to love it right the dough is great even
though it’s store bought right I’m good
with it I grew up on it but you’re
definitely getting that wood fire flavor
guys if you hear traffic go by usually I
just let the car go by and just you know
cut it out but church is we got a church
around the corner it just let out so
you’re going to hear may you you may
hear cars go by I can’t keep pausing
every time it go it’s like a freaking
Caravan going through there anyway guys
uh this was great learn from my mistakes
like I said I’ll set it up all down
below for you but it’s pretty darn easy
okay especially if you got everything
kind of pre-made and ready to go it’s
definitely a great week night dinner you
know this probably got three or four
servings in there I’ll work on my
calzone crimping game here but you know
at least it’s done turned out really
well guys if you want to get one of
these wfire grills grab that link Down
Below in my video description guys don’t
forget I got four whire cookbooks
they’re ecookbooks they’re downloadable
$5 each or $15 for a bundle of four
they’ve gotten great reviews so far you
all love them but if you haven’t got one
yet go ahead and get yourself one all
right we’ve sold a bunch of copies
already and let’s just keep it going
helps out your boy helps out the channel
and I appreciate y’all guys if you want
to become a show producer like all these
awesome calzone loving people that are
scrolling in front of me right now
there’s two ways to join up either you
hit the patreon button in my video
description or you can hit that join
button right next to the Subscribe
button which you should already hit by
now I love it when Church lets out and
cars go by and ruin my
shots it’s what Jesus would have
wanted all right guys listen I hope you
have a wonderful wonderful week thanks
for stopping by thanks for cooking with
CJ take care

Ninja Woodfired Calzone! | Ninja Woodfire Grill Recipe! - Dining and Cooking (2024)


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