Software Engineering Manager, Identity Manager Credentials (m/f/d) - Job bei der Firma Nexus Technology GmbH in Karlsruhe (2024)

Software Engineering Manager, Identity Manager Credentials (m/f/d) - Job bei der Firma Nexus Technology GmbH in Karlsruhe (1)

Software Engineering Manager, Identity Manager Credentials (m/f/d) - Job bei der Firma Nexus Technology GmbH in Karlsruhe (2)

About Nexus

At Nexus, part of French IN Groupe, we secure the new society that emerges in the ever-expanding world of digital transformation. By challenging ourselves to go further and do better, we’re developing technology for high-demand global clients. Nexus’ Smart ID solutions and IoT platforms are changing how we perceive trusted identities. Do you want to be a part of our journey?

Fabian Ochs, our Development Director, is looking to strengthen the team with an experienced leader within software development, to take on the very honorary task of leading ourIdentity Manager Credentials team.

Joining Nexusmeans becoming a part of IN Groupe, an international group of 1,700 employees on five continents.

IN Groupe and Nexus are here to protect the identities of people and things making life both safer and simpler.

The group meets the needs of states, businesses, and hundreds of millions of users in Europe and throughout the world.

We provide the best of technology and innovation, in a sustainable manner, now and for future generations.

At Nexus we believe transparency is a prerequisite for trust and therefore all our products and services are documented online.

Software Engineering Manager, Identity Manager Credentials (m/f/d)

Engineering (Development) · Karlsruhe · Hybrid Remote

Take your place as an Engineering Manager and lead a team responsible for the heart of Nexus' application by utilizing the latest encryption PKI logic technologies.

What we offer you

  • Engage and challenge the team with agile leadership to constantly improve our ways of working. Become a leader in security thinking by taking part in our security group and hack days.
  • Be part of a product company within the fire-hot fields of Identity manage­ment, Zero-trust, and PKI-enabled devices. Participate in creating the Nexus engineering framework with your ideas.
  • Take ownership of a team of very skilled and engaged engineers, with great product knowledge and commitment to our customers. Drive experiments with your team and try out new concepts, gather data, analyze, and make high-impact decisions.

What you’ll do at Nexus

As an Engineering Manager at Nexus, you will be responsible for part of the IDM product development. You will lead the team with an agile development approach and drive improvements to build the foundation of Nexus's success. The team is responsible for the heart of our application, taking care of our PKI logic and using the latest encryption technologies available.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Your prime objective will be to be a great leader for a great team. This includes day-to-day sessions like stand-ups, supporting the team, and making sure they have the right foundation to deliver during the sprints and with other tasks.
  • You will be a problem solver within and outside your team.
  • You will be responsible for all people management tasks, this includes continuous dialog with the team members in 1-on-1s and performance reviews.
  • You will do recruitment, coaching, and coordination for the team. At the same time, at Nexus we believe in collaboration, and you will always have support from the organization.
  • You will collaborate with your peers for alignments and improvement (other HETs, Directors). This will go hand in hand with supporting our PO in succeeding with your SotA product development team.

Some of our Tech Stack: Java, Spring, Activiti, Gradle, REST, Docker, Kubernetes, Angular

Some of our Tools: GIT, Jira, Confluence, SonarQube, Azure DevOps Pipelines, Selenium

About you

  • You are passionate about development as a craft. You are persistent and driven to always work toward best practices, take pride in the solution you and your team provide for customers, and stay open-minded to new ways of working.
  • You know how to analyze, plan, organize, and prioritize work effectively. You ensure that hand-offs are correct and take pride in accuracy and precision.
  • You work well with other people and relate to them in a responsive and smooth way. You understand the importance of listening, communicating, and resolving conflicts in a constructive way.
  • You take responsibility for your work and independently structure the approach and drive processes and projects with minimal guidance, but you also know how to lead, motivate, and empower others with the capacity necessary to effectively achieve common goals.
  • You embrace your strong networking and building relationships skills.


  • You possess a degree in computer science or comparable relevant experience.
  • You are experienced in Agile practices (Scrum, Kanban, or scaled comparable frameworks).
  • You have relevant management experience and accountability leading with full people responsibility. 
  • You have a working proficiency level in German and English.

Preferred Qualifications

  • You have a strong interest in security-related development, DevSecOps, or PKI, have some experience, or are willing to learn.

Not sure you meet 100% of the qualifications?

At Nexus, we understand that experience comes in many forms. We’re dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team – so if your experience is this close to what we’re looking for, please consider applying.


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Software Engineering Manager, Identity Manager Credentials (m/f/d) - Job bei der Firma Nexus Technology GmbH in Karlsruhe (2024)


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