Song Joong-ki and wife Katy Louise Saunders welcome a baby boy (2024)

Congratulations are in order for actor Song Joong-ki. The Koreanactor welcomed a baby boy with wife Katy Louise Saunders. While no official announcement has been made by theHopelessactor’s agency, High Zium Studio, Song Joong-ki himself confirmed the same on his fancafe after the news of his baby boy’s arrival was leaked.

According to several reports and fanclubs, this is what Song Joong-ki shared — “Hi, this is Joong-ki. I wonder how everyone is doing? As you all know, I finished filming the movieMy Name is Loh Ki Wanin Hungary. I was honoured to go to Cannes with the movieHwaran(Hopeless). I’m still so happy that every moment of the festival feels like a dream. I wanted to tell you one more dream, it’s a news, so I came to say hello.”

“I’m in Italy now. I finally have my baby here in Rome, my wife’s hometown. He’s a healthy son. The baby and the mother, they are very healthy and I am taking care of my family with a grateful heart. My biggest dream was to have a happy family. It is the most precious gift for us as a couple. Thanks to your support, this great day has come to our life. Thank you.”

Song Joong-ki confirmed his relationship with British citizen Katy in December 2022. Thereafter, theReborn Rich star announced his marriage to Katy Louise Saunders. It was then he had shared the news of Saunders being pregnant with their first child. The Korean superstar was initially guarded about his relationship with the British citizen and revealed that they were dating while promoting the fantasy drama series in Singapore in the same month.

The 37-year-old, who is a heartthrob for numerousK-dramafans, had penned a heartfelt letter announcing his marriage on his official fan page.

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All about Song Joong-ki and Katy Louise Saunders’ love story

K-drama fans know that we can never have enough of romantic dramas. And when it’s a real-life love story, we ship them even more. The couple in question is Song Joong-ki and Katy Louise Saunders. Grab the front-row seat as we take you through the love that blossomed between Song Joong-ki and Katy Louise Saunders.

Nicknamed the flower boy of Korea, Song Joong-ki’s love life has always been a point of interest for his fans. Born on 19 September 1985, Joong-ki shot to fame with the historical coming-of-age drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010. Since then, he has appeared in a number of movies and television series, like Running Man, The Innocent Man, Descendants of the Sun, Reborn Rich, A Werewolf Boy, The Battleship Island, Space Sweepers and more.

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Born on 21 July 1984, in London, Katy Louise Saunders is a British actress, with British and Colombian roots, who starred in a number of films before quitting the film industry in 2018. Some of her most notable roles were in films like Welcome Home, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, A Scandalous Journey, and Los Borgia.

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How did they meet?

According to Korean website Dispatch, the two had first met in Italy where Song Joong-ki was filming Vincenzo. Katy Louise Saunders, who grew up in Italy, was reportedly Joong Ki’s Italian teacher on the shoot. Even though this rumour was later dismissed, it didn’t take fans much longer to connect the dots when the actor thanked her and her two dogs, Maya and Antes, in his acceptance speech when he received the Grand Prize at the 2022 APAN Star Awards for his role in Vincenzo.

Public appearances

In early December 2022, Saunders accompanied Song Joong-ki at a media conference in Singapore for his most recent show Reborn Rich, after which they headed back to South Korea together.

Shortly after, the couple were spotted attending the wedding of Korean golfer Im Sung-jae in Seoul in South Korea. Not long after, Song Joong-ki’s agency, HighZium Studio, confirmed the actor’s relationship.

Song Joong-ki and Katy Louise Saunders’ new beginnings

On 30 January 2023, the actor wrote a letter to fans on his official fan café stating that he was married to Katy Louise Saunders. While he praised Katy for her constant love and support, he also announced that Katy Louise Saunders is pregnant and they’re looking forward to starting a happy life together.

He wrote “We are sincerely thankful as a new life has come to us. And today, based on our deep trust and love for each other, we are on our way back from registering our marriage to begin life as a married couple.”

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The information in this article is accurate as of the date of publication.

Song Joong-ki and wife Katy Louise Saunders welcome a baby boy (2024)


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